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Featured in Forbes as one of the best business books for start up founders & entrepreneurs, this is your solution to turn your innovative idea into a thriving business venture.

What’s Inside


How to Discover Your Passion & Purpose While Building A Meaningful Business


Understanding How to Share Your Authentic Story


Defining Your Business Model


Identifying Your Target Customers & Clients


and much, much more. . .


The Essentials of Building a Business

This cannot be the year of talking, of wishing, of wanting. This has to be the year you get it done!

– Eric Thomas,

Motivational Speaker,
Author, and Minister

Building a business is one of the most exciting journeys upon which you will ever embark. As a business leader, you will encounter a continual succession of adventures. There will be moments of learning, failing, moving forward, and upward. Even when times are challenging, keep in mind that you will eventually succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Why, you ask? How do I know? Because you are fueled by your never-ending, limitless passion and purpose, the secret to success.

Ask any entrepreneur, including myself, the amount of time, effort, and energy that go into all of the different aspects of creating a business, and they will tell you, it is astonishing.

When you think you know everything, you will find there is still more to learn. Don’t be concerned. If you are passionate enough and have a clear vision of what your success will look like, you will find the energy and enthusiasm to learn everything you need to know along the way. With enough passion and purpose, you will be unstoppable, and the essentials of building a business won’t overwhelm you.

As a successful entrepreneur, I found that my passion and purpose have served me well. As a prosperous entrepreneur, I know for a fact that it is the only way you can be. Passion is what fires you up along the way, and your purpose sustains you through anything.

The only wish I have is that someone would have created this book for me when I was starting. There is so much to learn about building and growing a successful business. You need to understand funding, networking, creating new products, implementing strategy, launching viral marketing campaigns, the ins and outs of public relations, and yes, building branding strategies as well. Moreover, this is just the beginning.

What I’m delivering to you here is a guide to give you clarity, focus, and an amazing action plan for growth. I have drawn from everything I know and also best practices from business leaders around the world. The information has been organized into a convenient workbook to help you operate and market your business successfully.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is your passion, your purpose, and a willingness to learn. You will learn several things in the workbook. First, some of
the best tips, advice, and recommendations I give my clients.

Secondly, you will be taught practical ways to structure your business for growth and how to market your products and services daily. Thirdly, you will receive access to my growing community of smart, ambitious, and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Warning! You will get your hands dirty with this workbook. It is made specifically for you, and no two people will use it the same way. It goes deep and wide and will get you thinking about all the different aspects of your business and yourself. It takes you from A-Z in business and includes everything you could imagine and much that you might never have thought about until now. For example, you will learn how to craft the ultimate customer and client promotions, along with how to develop unique incentives to help you launch competitive sales strategies, and exciting and new ways to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Finally, my favorite topic, how to share your authentic and original story with the world.

There are many business books out there for small and large business owners. Why another one, you may ask? Why is this book special? Well, after working with many entrepreneurs and business leaders, I have noticed an unfortunate bias that holds many people back from succeeding. You see, there are many essential aspects involved with the start of every business, but most entrepreneurs only focus on opening doors and building revenue. They lack the necessary strategy and forget (or don’t know how) to be thoughtful about designing a successful brand that will grow into a sustainable company.

Whether you already have a business or you’re just beginning to start one, this workbook was developed to help you take it to the next level and beyond.

The workbook is written from my professional experience with many ambitious and intelligent people who are based not behind a desk at a university, but in the real world. They are creating exciting businesses just like yours, and they are fired up with passion, just like you. I am not saying that formal education doesn’t matter. I, myself, have an MBA. My point is, this workbook will help you fast track your way to success with the essentials you previously might have only learned from an additional four years of schooling.

This workbook is for anyone starting any business, from women and men who are teaching students the peaceful power of yoga and meditation, to those launching new tech
startups that are disrupting the way we live, work and play; this book is created for you. It’s equal parts motivational and instructional and meant for anyone launching their dream

Whether you are designing dream homes or websites, making beats for Hollywood soundtracks, or just getting your training or life coaching certification, this business advice and process will help you.

You will gain an organizational structure and customized marketing plan for any business. Perhaps you fancy yourself a spiritual healer and want to open a spa, or maybe you have a non-profit helping the underserved become leaders in their field, or you could be empowering women through teaching self-care. It doesn’t matter what you are creating, the same business and marketing rules apply.

I have held nothing back because I want you to succeed.

When used correctly, this workbook will help you create momentum, make an impact, and deliver huge value to youraudience.

It’s all in here, From Idea to Reality— An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Meaningful Business Growth. This proven strategy is a step-by-step guide that provides everything you need to create a brand that prospers.

So, what are the essentials of building a business? We just went over the first two key ingredients – passion and purpose. What else is there? The essentials include branding, identifying your target markets, learning about industry trends, performing competitive analysis, and a promotional pricing strategy, along with understanding your strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and threats.

The essentials also include creating a five-star customer or client experience, developing an actionable, integrated marketing plan, sharing your story on appropriate social
media platforms, optimizing your cash flow and finances, and understanding how to measure your success.

Yes, there are many moving parts to running a business, but you need not get overwhelmed. Rome was not built in a day. If you have a strong mindset and you plan for tomorrow, if you work smart and not hard, and look for expert guidance while collaborating with intelligent and creative people, you will succeed.



So many people have brilliant ideas and miles of enthusiasm but lack a formal business degree. They don’t feel confident that they can start a business on their own. They are overwhelmed about where to begin and more often than not, they also lack the tools and knowledge about how to move forward from idea to reality. They simply feel stuck.

Jean Paul Paulynice is your guru. His book offers a concrete action plan for launching and growing your business: You just need to supply the enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

– Rhett Power (

This is a powerful book for anyone who wants to start a business. The author gives great real-world examples for many different business situations and explains aspects of modern business setup in way that is easy to understand for someone who doesn’t have a business or marketing degree.

– Sandra Knauf

This book helps potential 'would-be' entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life! There are too many people, especially those without resources and mentors, who never get their ideas off the ground because they feel stuck, frustrated, and alone, or they just don’t think they have what it takes to start a business, and this shows readers know that is the farthest thing from the truth!

– Madeline Familia

“From Idea to Reality” will help push you forward and gather momentum, improving your chances of discovering and fulfilling your true potential and increasing your chance of success. No matter your type of entrepreneurship, this book will be helpful if you’re starting out or would like to take your business to the next level.

– Amazon Customer

Absolutely great! I have read and spoke with a lot of different life coaches and motivational speaking in my life and Jean is definitely the best! He has a way with his words and this book has helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I would recommend this to any college student or someone who needs that extra push in their lives! You won’t regret it.

– Amazon Customer

What I loved most about the book were the guiding questions at the end of each chapter. I’m the type of person to think up all of these great ideas in my head but never take any action, so putting my thoughts into writing every step of the way really helped solidify the reality of what I want to achieve.

– Ashley

About the author.

Jean Paul Paulynice is a successful entrepreneur and award-winning professional business consultant with a passion for personal and professional development.

Continually sought after for his expertise in top media outlets like,, and, Jean Paul consults with countless startups and businesses around the world. His specialty includes guiding entrepreneurs with branding, marketing and solid business advice.

A respected source of wisdom and mentorship, Jean Paul has created the ultimate blueprint for business success.

His additional books include “It’s Time To Start Living with Passion: Your Journey to Self-Discovery” and “Become a Leader in Your Industry Using Social Media.”

Jean Paul Paulynice, M.B.A

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