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Featured in Inc and Forbes, Jean Paul is the consultant of choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are serious about realizing their business goals and attaining tangible success.

Jean Paul Paulynice is your guru. His book offers a concrete action plan for launching and growing your business: You just need to supply the enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

– Rhett Power (

This is a powerful book for anyone who wants to start a business. The author gives great real-world examples for many different business situations and explains aspects of modern business setup in way that is easy to understand for someone who doesn’t have a business or marketing degree.

– Sandra Knauf

This book helps potential 'would-be' entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life! There are too many people, especially those without resources and mentors, who never get their ideas off the ground because they feel stuck, frustrated, and alone, or they just don’t think they have what it takes to start a business, and this shows readers know that is the farthest thing from the truth!

– Madeline Familia

“From Idea to Reality” will help push you forward and gather momentum, improving your chances of discovering and fulfilling your true potential and increasing your chance of success. No matter your type of entrepreneurship, this book will be helpful if you’re starting out or would like to take your business to the next level.

– Mayra Calvani

Absolutely great! I have read and spoke with a lot of different life coaches and motivational speaking in my life and Jean is definitely the best! He has a way with his words and this book has helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I would recommend this to any college student or someone who needs that extra push in their lives! You won’t regret it.

– Amazon Customer

What I loved most about the book were the guiding questions at the end of each chapter. I’m the type of person to think up all of these great ideas in my head but never take any action, so putting my thoughts into writing every step of the way really helped solidify the reality of what I want to achieve.

– Ashley

About the author.

Jean Paul Paulynice is an experienced business consultant and a successful entrepreneur with a passion for personal and professional development. He is one of the country’s foremost African American motivational writers and speakers, with three books available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jean Paul consults with many emerging startups in a variety of industries, especially healthcare, helping them with branding their corporate identity, web development, and digital marketing. He is continually interviewed in media outlets like Forbes, The Hype Magazine, and Young Upstarts and is considered a dependable source of wisdom, mentorship, and guidance across the business world. He aspires to empower those with a great product or service idea to build the company of their dreams with his knowledge and expertise.

Jean Paul received his MBA in Finance and Management Information Systems from Clark University and his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UMass, Amherst. Additional books from Jean Paul include It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Become A Leader in Your Industry Using Social Media.

Jean Paul Paulynice

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From Idea To Reality: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Meaningful Business Growth

It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery

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